GitHub – Push Your Project

  1. Create a repository :
    More infos here : Creating a repository
  2. Initialize  your local repository :
    1. Open Terminal (on OSX).
    2. Go to your local project directory (Introduction to the Mac OS X Command Line).
    3. Type git init
  3. Add all the files  git add .
  4. Commit the files with a comment git commit -m "initial commit"
  5.  Add our remote repository from GitHub git remote add origin<github username>/<repository>.git
  6. Push files to the remote repository on GitHub git push origin master

Our project is on gitHub 🙂

Git Commands:

  • git push origin master: send changes to the master branch of your remote repository
  • git init: initialize a git repository in your directory
  • git status: check the status of the repository
  • git add file_name: add one file
  • git add .: add all files
  • git commit -m “commit message”: commit your files along with a message
  • git remote add origin – the remote url to your GitHub repo
  • git push origin master: push your files up to github on the master branch

More Basic Git commands and more documentation




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